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What Do You Need To Get a Title Loan in Georgia?

If you live in Georgia and need emergency money, you can use your car title to get a loan. When taking the loan, your vehicle can act as collateral against the money you will borrow. These loans work for any type of vehicle, regardless of its make, condition, mileage, or year. Here’s everything you need to know to get a title loan in Georgia:

Original Vehicle Title

Title companies use your vehicle as collateral when giving out a loan. You cannot get a loan using a vehicle that does not belong to you. Applicants should have a clear title that shows sole ownership of the vehicle to get the loan. They should prove full ownership of the vehicle without any liens or levies from other parties or creditors who may raise concerns regarding legal ownership.

A clear title proves that you are the vehicle’s sole owner. No other party can legally claim your vehicle’s ownership. Title companies will search to verify you own the vehicle. They can also check the condition of the vehicle before releasing the funds. These companies do so because if a person defaults on the loan, they can dispute legal ownership through a clear title.

Proof of Insurance

When taking a title loan, provide the title along with your proof of insurance. The insurance needs to be up-to-date and shows the type of coverage you have on your policy. You may not trade or sell that vehicle when you get the loan. The car belongs to the lender until you pay off the loan.

Maintain auto insurance until you pay off the loan. The loan company needs to protect its assets. That’s why they require their clients to carry full coverage insurance on the vehicle. A wrecked car will be useless to the lender because it cannot act as collateral. Insurance may cover any damage in case of an accident or technical fault until you pay off the loan. If the loan company repossesses the vehicle, they can file a claim to repair any damage.

Proof of Address

Title loan companies may need proof of residency from an applicant before giving out a loan. Lenders use this information if the borrower fails to pay off the loan. Proof of address can be a utility bill, a bank statement, a paycheck, or a credit card statement or bill. These documents may have your address and name as proof of residency. They provide proof of address to the lender that you are not lying about where you live. It also acts as evidence that you are a resident of the state of Georgia.

The proof of address should be recent. If it’s too old, chances are it may not be accepted. Applicants may also provide proof of identity along with the address. Proof of identity can be a state ID or a valid driver’s license.

Find the Best Title Loan Company in Georgia

Choose a company that offers Georgia title loans on any vehicle model, year, or make. Prioritize a company that offers reliable and quick solutions for customers. The approval process should be fast for you to get the cash you need while you keep your car.


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