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Hiring an Air Conditioning Service: What To Expect

Hiring an Air Conditioning Service: What To Expect

A functional air conditioner provides consistent indoor temperatures, operates efficiently, and boosts air quality in your home. If your AC has issues, contact a licensed technician to diagnose and fix the existing problems. Here are some things to expect when you hire an air conditioning service:

Cleaning Dirty Components

During an air conditioning service, qualified technicians clean different AC components, such as air filters, evaporator coils, condenser coils, and ductwork. The expert can also clean the blower motor and drainage system. Dust, debris, algae, dirt, mold, and particles can build up in these components, ruining the air quality in your home and straining your HVAC system.

The technician can use specialized cleaning solutions and brushes to remove pollutants from the coils and air filters. They can vacuum or brush dust and debris from the motor and its blades. After that, the expert allows the components to dry before reassembling them into the air conditioner.

Fixing Damaged AC Parts

A technician fixes damaged and faulty components within your AC to boost safe and efficient functioning. If there is a refrigerant leak in the system, the professional can fix the leak and top up the coolant. Fixing the fan motor’s electrical connections and mechanical issues improves air circulation in your indoor space.

Service technicians also repair the compressor, ductwork, and thermostat to address inconsistent temperature issues. Repairing the sensor and control system issues can restore your AC’s optimal performance. If the AC’s electrical components, such as capacitors, relays, and contactors, are faulty, a technician fixes them to boost functionality.

Replacing and Retrofitting Worn Parts

If the thermostat is malfunctioning or outdated, the technician can recommend replacing it. Upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat allows for better control and optimization of your cooling system. If your filters are disposable, a technician replaces them with new ones to help meet cooling needs within your residence. Adding air purifiers, UV germicidal lights, or whole-house ventilation systems helps improve indoor air quality.

The expert can also retrofit your AC system with ductless mini-split systems to manage inefficient ductwork. Ductless mini-split systems provide targeted cooling to specific areas or rooms without requiring ducts. Sometimes, components like the compressor and fan motor could be worn-out beyond repair, meaning they need replacement. A technician can replace these parts and check their compatibility with your air conditioning unit.

Lubricating Some Components

Lubrication is a maintenance task for certain components of an AC system that helps boost smooth operation and reduces friction. By lubricating moving parts like pulleys and belts, your AC can operate more quietly, reducing loud noises. Technicians use lubricant provided by qualified manufacturers to avoid damaging these AC components.

Experienced technicians also lubricate the fan motor and blower motor to prevent overheating and premature failure. The fan motor and blower motor are responsible for circulating air throughout the AC system. Proper lubrication enables these motors to operate efficiently, moving air effectively and maintaining proper airflow.

Emergency Services

If your air conditioning system breaks down unexpectedly, you can schedule emergency repair services. A reliable AC service company can send a team of technicians to your place to identify and fix AC issues. Technicians often have the necessary tools and parts to perform immediate repairs or replacements.

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They can work efficiently to restore the functionality of your air conditioner. Emergency technicians can recommend additional maintenance or repairs to prevent future AC issues. 

Get Reliable Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning services can include cleaning AC components, lubricating moving items, and upgrading damaged parts. Choose experienced technicians who can troubleshoot and fix AC problems to restore performance. Routine servicing allows technicians to identify various issues before they escalate, potentially reducing the risk of a total malfunction. 



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