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Can Social Media Ruin Relationships?

The typical amount of time spent on social media by an individual every day is two hours and 27 minutes. That amounts to more than five years of your life that you have wasted perusing, publishing, and liking content online. It should not come as a surprise that the use of social media, which has become so engrained in day-to-day life, has suddenly emerged as a potential cause of friction and conflict in interpersonal relationships. Social media is a double-edged sword. This is due to the fact that social media platforms enable rapid and effective communication, but they also have the potential to alter the ways in which individuals connect with one another.

Even while there are no hard and fast guidelines for navigating social media when you are in a relationship (or when you are single, for that matter), there are a few essential insights that you and your significant other should keep in mind. Not to mention the fact that in this day and age, many relationships are initiated via some sort of social media outlet, which makes it difficult to break habits that can one day prove more harmful than useful. If you don’t want your phone to interfere with your life, especially when it comes to your relationships, both new and old, here are some things you can do. Ask someone who specialises in communication to fill you in on the dos and don’ts that every couple should keep in mind when using social media.

It Can Be Difficult to Start a Relationship on Social Media

Singles often turn to social media in order to try to establish the first impression and communicate through these channels prior to an initial meeting. This is because the dating landscape is constantly evolving, and the proliferation of dating sites and apps has contributed to this change.

The use of social media has evolved into a type of virtual mixer in which people may check to see whether they share friends with a possible suitor and determine whether or not the potential suitor is already taken. It’s just as viable a location to meet people as any other place in the world. All you know is what they have put on that stage, the speaker said.

Nothing compares to face-to-face communication

There are additional considerations to take into account when you are involved in a committed relationship. There is no level of virtual communication that can adequately replace face-to-face interaction. If you and your spouse rely too much on texting, instant messaging, or other non-traditional forms of contact, it’s possible that your relationship might suffer as a result of social media. When you’re not speaking with someone face to face, whether it’s through social media or just texting, it’s easy for things to go misunderstood or misconstrued.

Don’t Make Comparisons with Other People’s Relationships

Relationships must be able to stand on their own and should not be judged against those of other people. This is something that you really must keep in mind as you continue to use social media and become exposed to increasingly intimate information about the lives of other couples. Every couple has their own unique manner of communicating, showing their feelings, and spending quality time together, which is one of the many reasons why every relationship is unique. However, it is difficult not to worry about how your relationship stacks up when you see other people, such as your colleagues, and coworkers, going on lavish vacations and having amazing dates. It is essential to keep in mind that the content you come across on social media will never provide the full picture.

Before you post, consider your S.O.

On social media, stories are relayed in real-time, so there isn’t much time for users to give thorough thought and consideration to each photo and comment that they submit. However, when you are in a relationship, it is essential to pause for a second and consider how the content that you are publishing could affect the feelings of your spouse.

You might not be able to control what other people write about you on social media, but you are in complete control of what you publish and how you connect with other users. It is essential to have a good understanding of when it is OK to include other people in intimate moments of your relationship and when it is best to keep them out of such moments.

Social often refers to more than one person, therefore when we’re talking about romantic connections — love relationships — we need to keep in mind that face-to-face interaction is always preferable to communicating through online platforms. It is important to be present at the moment in person with your spouse whenever there is something private going on between the two of you rather than resorting to social media in order to welcome people into that place.

Device-Free Zones Are Key

It is all too easy to lay in bed with a movie at night and spend your last few minutes of waking time scrolling through social media. This is true regardless of the number of studies that are published citing scientific reasons to avoid using technology right before bed or in the bedroom at any time. Not only will this disrupt your normal sleeping habits, but it might also put a strain on the connection you have. The bedroom is a device-free zone for me. I consider it a sanctuary.

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Who is it that has your attention if you’ve got a gadget in there? It’s all about the machine. It is not the individual with whom you sleep in the same bed. That is not healthy for partnerships in any way, shape, or form. When you are in the bedroom with your significant other, removing distractions like phones and computers can help you form connections that are far more meaningful. If you want to keep the bedroom free from interruptions, try charging your devices in the kitchen or the living room instead of there. If the idea of keeping the entire area phone-free seems impossible, you may begin by making it a point to put away your electronic devices while you are spending quality time with a significant other or on a date.

Maintain your attention on the person in front of you.

It is easy to disregard how spending time looking at a screen while you are around other people can make them feel since it has become so common to whip out a cell phone casually in virtually any scenario. This has made it possible for individuals to ignore how uncomfortable it can make others feel. This is especially true if you have a cell phone that does everything. The person who counts is the one in front of you. Even if you don’t think it’s a huge problem to whip out your phone during dinner to answer a notice that’s pinging, it might end up being more detrimental to your mental health than you realise.


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