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Alpo Martinez – Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Funeral and More

Alpo Martinez - Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Funeral and More

Alpo Martinez is the biggest name in the history of criminals. If you have ever heard this name and now are interested to know about his life, career, net worth, and other crucial information, make sure to read this blog meticulously.

Alpo Martinez: Introduction

Alpo Martinez was born in 1966 in East Harlem. He and his sibling were raised by his mother. He had not achieved his father’s love. Some people assume this as the biggest reason behind his misdeeds. The full name of Alpo Martinez is Alberto Geddis Martinez. However, he was usually called by his short names such as Alpo, Po, and Alpo Martinez.

Here is an important fact for you. Alpo is also notable as Abraham G. Rodriquez. Only a few people know about this fact. He was not only famous for drug dealing, but also for murders due to which he was sentenced to prison for 35 years. Although he has committed a lot of crimes, his name is among the wealthiest criminals in the world.

Life and Career of Alpo Martinez

Alpo Martinez was born in New York, USA on 8th June 1966. He completed his early education at three different schools namely Automotive Mechanical High School, Julia Richmond and Roman Catholic school.

He started selling drugs at a very young age when he was just 13 years old. After meeting with the popular drug dealer, Azie Faison, he relocated to Harlem. In Harlem, he met with other notable drug dealers and soon he also became the most popular drug dealer in the entire city. After getting success in this business, he moved to Washington D.C to expand his drug dealing business. At that time, he met with a number of underworld dons who had big names at that time. One of those underworld’s dons was D.C. Enforcer who later became his bodyguard. Apart from dons, he met with gangsters as well.

Arrest of Alpo Martinez

Alpo was arrested by police on November 7, 1991. Many people assume that he was arrested alone, but this assumption is not true. He was arrested with two other partners. The charge imposed on him was murder and drug dealings. It was said that he has killed 14 people including DC drug dealer Michael Anthony and Brooklyn Drug Dealer Demencio Benson.

He was given a chance of life imprisonment without bail or the death penalty. He chose the first option of life imprisonment. However, after 35 years when he turned 49, he was released from jail in 2015.

Alpo Martinez Funeral

According to sources, it has been found out that Alpo Martinez was shot by police in October 2021 in Harlem, New York. He was killed on the 31st of October at 3:30 in the early morning. People relate his death with ‘Karma’.

Alpo Martinez Wife

He has not shared anything about his personal life publicly. There is no information about his wife on his official accounts because of some security purposes. However, it has been figured out that when he was in court and given the order of imprisonment, his wife was crying a lot. Moreover, in 1999, at the time of his arrest, his wife was with him.

Alpo also has a son named Paparazzi Po. His son has made a huge name in the music industry and has a lot of fans. Although Paparazzi’s father was a drug dealer, he is the CEO of the music label ‘O3GMG’. He started singing when he was 9 years old and his music videos got a lot of traffic on social media.

Alpo Martinez’s Net Worth

Now comes the most important part, the net worth of Alpo Martinez. You will be amazed to know that the net worth of Alpo is $1 million as of 2022. A biography is also made on his life in which the actor who played his role is Cam Ron. The movie about his life was a huge success. It was a blockbuster movie and a huge sum of money was credited to his account. People still do not believe that a drug dealer can earn such a huge sum of money.

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Lesser Known Facts About Alpo Martinez

If you are keen to know the nationality, birth sign, complexion and a lot of other information about Alpo Martines, just have a look at the underneath points:

Name: Alberto Geddis Martinez

Birth Date: June 8, 1966

Age at the time of death: 55

Other names: Alpo, Po, Alpo Martinez

Birth Sign: Gemini

Profession: Criminal, Drug Dealer, Murderer

Nationality: American

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 70kgs

Height: 6 feet 3 inches

Status: Married

Kids: 1(son)

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, Alpo Martinez’s net worth has shocked everyone because one can’t assume that a drug dealer can earn such a lucrative amount of money. However, don’t try to be involved in criminal activities because in the end, either you have to go to jail or you will be encountered by the police.



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